Monday, September 5, 2011

Outtakes #4

 Kimberly's annoyed disposition towards her family began early.

Child Wren is worth seeing again I guess.

I took this screenshot of her with her paternal grandmother's hairstyle.


Okay, so I saw this thought bubble for the first time after Yasu and Kirk woohooed in the tree house. Kirk being a vampire, I immediately thought "wooden stake" rather than "splinter from tree house". And I was like, what kind of kinky crap is he thinking about!?

What's out there?

What's over there?

"Blah blah blah!"

How things ended.

To preserve genetics, I had to bring them all to Barnacle Bay alive, and then kill them.


Is that a look of love, or is she pitying the guy for wearing such an ugly shirt?

Hawk was pretty distraught over Yasu's replacement.

He took some time to mourn at Randi and Randy's graves as well.

That guy in the mirror looks pretty damn suspicious.

(I think Zephram is in Dalma's house here; if not he's at a party.)

I liked how the little light-thingy there... lit up and stuff...

The giraffes are plotting. Zephram KNOWS they are.

Sometimes Iago fantasized about egging your house.

Luckily for you, Generations wasn't out yet.

Luther Remington. A vampire I saw constantly around town; I don't think he made it into the story.

What? What do you want from me? =(

The "new house" really had a "people just moved in here, and so crap is thrown around in a disorganized mess" vibe. This is a rare pre-wall screenshot; soon after this I put a wall through the middle of this room, with a giant archway. It made things easier to light.

Grim LOVES koi.

 After swimming with Felicia and Javier, Kipp suffers from a graphical glitch wherein water follows her around everywhere, as if she's still inside a pool.

Arthur's house on the corner. I think I loved it more than my own.

We can go where we want to
A place where they will never find
We can act like we come from out of this world
Leave the real one far behind

We can dance!

Paprika did not always have the best dating advice. O.o

Fischer wonders why he's in a dark underground Chinese tomb full of traps, alone, thousands of pixels away from his family.

The Awesome Socks Club.

Arthur does not approve this message.

I had to feel bad for Fischer when his father yelled at him for no reason.

It happened a lot.

Hawk is surprised by a visit from his mother.

Holly's Heavy Sleeper trait really helped him out, since he shared a nursery with triplet babies.

But there was no reason he SHOULD have had to share, considering how huge the house was.

 Wait, what?

(Rio, Kipp, Pauline.)

Grim has the neat trait. His brain imploded after seeing this mess.


After I lifted the breeding restriction from Arthur and his daughters, I started seeing stuff like this.

Luckily by this point the legacy was wrapping up.

"Bear with me. I think I have a lead. A hypothesis."

What are you looking at? This is his office. He's working!

So, that's really the end. But not really. The story picks up again in the next blog.

I hope you've enjoyed your time here. Goodbye.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Outtakes #3

Felicia meets some of her ancestors in the graveyard. 
Cleveland Ivanov isn't looking so well these days...

(The other one is Lori Grisby actually that may be Lori's daughter Rosanna.)

Ashby is shocked to lose a game to her loser father.

Pavel knows you're spying on him and you'd better run.


The final evolution of the Drumhellers. They bred with either Rio's son Spencer or one of Kimberly's sons. I don't remember. I'm not loading that town again to find out.

Deep thoughts hurt Rio's brain.

She will STILL destroy you.

Zephram and I agree on this: stuff is scary.

Thinkin' about drugs.

Yasu meets the clone that replaces her.

Holly again.

Lobster is not good enough for some people.

Nero came with the rebellious trait, and was constantly talking with siren or police car or handcuff speech bubbles. I could have easily taken the "imaginary friend gets child into deep trouble" route with him. But that wasn't where I wanted the story to go, so I expressed the trait in the blog by having him generally find sim society oppressive, especially to children.

Like that Star Trek: TNG episode where an alien entity makes itself into a child's "imaginary friend" and follows her around, persuading her to go to the engine room and crap. Generally places the child is not allowed. The adults don't believe that an alien told her to do it, and punish the kid by confining her to quarters or something like that. The alien becomes offended, believing the humans are horribly mistreating and oppressing their own offspring, and so decides to kill them all. (Moral: don't ground your children, or an alien may mistake you for an evil tyrant and kill you.)

Luckily there is Picard to reasonably explain how children NEED supervision and rules, for their own protection. Then the alien is like "oh, that's weird, but I get it I think" and leaves in peace.

That was a GREAT EPISODE. One of the few where aliens are actually very alien, instead of humans with forehead ridges and slight cultural differences.

..Sorry, I love Star Trek.

Ashby attacks Grim after he reaps Rex's soul.

What Kirk would have looked like as a normal sim.

Kirk always looked kind of miserable drinking the plasma juice. It was fitting.

Background: Paola chats with the blender.

I really really really wanted the blue version of the Vase-Of-Flowers painting. McCoy painted it for me before I heartlessly murdered him. Don't think I don't feel guilty.

Chad is leery of dancing with Paz when Paz's mother is around.

Perhaps worried she'd be offended, since Chad's father Kory and Paz's mother Paprika basically treated each other as cousins.

This picture sums up everything!

Melody REALLY wasn't happy to lose her husband.

Rhett was cool. Too bad it didn't work out with Shu Fang.

Dalma comforts Zephram when his grandparents die.

This was one relationship I was sad to have to break up.

Madness! Do you speak it!?

Dalma and Zephram went so well together, you see.
Here she is responding positively to his madness.

Ultimately politics and neurosis was their demise.

Sleep walking?


 One "update" to go.